A dynamic professional relationship which assists PEOPLE to identify and achieve their goals. Coaching focuses 100% on your agenda, helping you achieve clarity on difficult decisions, improve communication and relationships, set realistic goals and live a more fulfilling life.  Coaching will facilitate you to move forward, following you personal plan at your own pace. Coaching is present-future focused…

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Using a variety of tools and excellent interpersonal skills to help groups explore an issue, develop a common goal or PURPOSE and agree the next steps. Sessions can be structured to encourage plenty of interaction and active participation by all. Team building, problem-solving and planning sessions can all be developed to meet your organisation’s specific…



Building people’s capacity so that they fulfill their POTENTIAL. Investing in training increases people’s knowledge, develops their skills and will motivate them in their role. Relevant training supports individuals to contribute positively to the team or environment they work in. Health and well-being, self-care, personal development, leadership skills and stress management are some of the training courses available. I have designed…

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