Using a variety of tools and excellent interpersonal skills to help groups explore an issue, develop a common goal or PURPOSE and agree the next steps. Sessions can be structured to encourage plenty of interaction and active participation by all. Team building, problem-solving and planning sessions can all be developed to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

With over 12 years experience facilitating groups within a variety of roles such as managing a large team as well as facilitating workshops and delivering training, I know how to get the best out of individuals in groups.

I use my communication and relationship-building skills to get participants on board and encourage interaction during the sessions. I use appropriate facilitation tools to manage group dynamics and help the group reach their agreed goals.

I believe everyone needs to feel their voice is important and their contribution is valued while at the same time I take responsibility for managing the time and agenda during the session.

If your team or group could benefit from someone approachable and objective to facilitate them through a change management process, strategic planning or team-building session then contact me NOW!


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