‘Just Do It’: Live Moment to Moment!

sunset- live the moment

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present” (Eleanor Roosevelt).

Take a minute to think about a normal day in your life. What are you doing? … How are you feeling? … What are you thinking? … Where are you going? … Who are you with? We all spend a lot of time thinking about things that have already happened – the past, and planning for or worrying about things that might happen – the future. Why did I end up in an argument with my friend last night? … When will I get to ring the bank about that loan? … When will I get the time to complete the report for my manager? … What date is the training course next month that I need to apply for? … Will I get home this evening to cook dinner etc.?

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Be Healthy, Be Happy: Are you up for the challenge?

Heart cloud blue sky

‘Your health is your wealth’!  Up until a few years ago, I thought of health in very simplistic terms and ‘well-being’ wasn’t even on my radar. Then a couple of different life events occurred so improving and sustaining my general health and well-being became one of my life’s ambitions. I didn’t want to take having good health for granted.  I could appreciate how the consequences of not having ‘it’ could be problematic to my overall well-being too.  While in my last job, I had the privilege of developing a programme specifically for young people, though hugely transferable to most audiences, called Be Healthy, Be Happy! What I learnt while exploring physical, mental, social and spiritual health components has shaped the way I think about health and well-being. Two inter-related concepts that are unique to each and every one of us. Now I believe they go together like strawberries and cream, movies and popcorn or sunshine and the great outdoors!

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