Self-Care: Whose Job is it Anyway?

Self careI recently had the pleasure of facilitating a couple of workshops called Self-Care to Self-Awareness with people working on the frontline in social services with clients who need high quality care and support. The dedicated workshop participants have chosen this career because they want to make a difference in people’s lives. They believe their clients deserve a better life. However in caring for these vulnerable and often challenging clients, in a climate of unprecedented financial cuts over the past number of years, they are often ‘guilty’ of neglecting their own well-being. I use the word ‘guilty’ purposefully and with compassion here, because in these cases people are committing an offence or doing wrong against themselves and what their mind, body and soul is often crying out for.

It’s not just people working in the caring professions that find it hard to look after themselves and put their needs first (at least some of the time). Parents, carers, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, athletes, bankers, builders, students, researchers, Doctors etc…. I don’t think it matters what your profession, formal or informal, it can be hard to find time to look after yourself in today’s busy, constantly ‘turned on’ society.

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Be Healthy, Be Happy: Are you up for the challenge?

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‘Your health is your wealth’!  Up until a few years ago, I thought of health in very simplistic terms and ‘well-being’ wasn’t even on my radar. Then a couple of different life events occurred so improving and sustaining my general health and well-being became one of my life’s ambitions. I didn’t want to take having good health for granted.  I could appreciate how the consequences of not having ‘it’ could be problematic to my overall well-being too.  While in my last job, I had the privilege of developing a programme specifically for young people, though hugely transferable to most audiences, called Be Healthy, Be Happy! What I learnt while exploring physical, mental, social and spiritual health components has shaped the way I think about health and well-being. Two inter-related concepts that are unique to each and every one of us. Now I believe they go together like strawberries and cream, movies and popcorn or sunshine and the great outdoors!

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